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BancList (www.banclist.com) helps shareholders of privately held financial institutions as well as other privately held companies and organizations communicate with each other via a 24/7 online platform while eliminating the risk they can face when they engage in sensitive discussions about shares with some, but not all, stockholders. Our easy-to-use cloud-based service lets users browse notices of intent to buy or sell shares of privately held stock that shareholders post on our site. Users who are not shareholders can also post their own notices of intent to buy or sell shares.


Privately held institutions don’t need to go public to communicate efficiently with their shareholders and prospective shareholders. BancList’s online platform is the practical solution for privately held banks and other privately held companies and organizations that want to avoid potentially serious liability, including the violation of Fair Disclosure rules. Using BancList’s shareholder communications platform means no longer maintaining a private list of a few shareholders to conduct transactions. Our clients give their shareholders access to a platform that provides transparency to ensure that all shareholders have equal access to the same information. 



BancList gives banks and other privately held companies and organizations a formal shareholder communications process with the added benefits of helping them track activity on their BancList site. Our clients can make their site available to shareholders and non-shareholders or they can limit access to their site to shareholders of record and other authorized users. Learn more about the benefits of our service by clicking on the video on our homepage. You can also contact us at 1-877-257-0854, ext. 707, or by emailing us at support@banclist.com.