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What We Do

BancList (formerly Community Bank List) helps shareholders of privately held financial institutions communicate with each other while eliminating the risk that banks face when they engage in sensitive discussions about shares with some, but not all, stockholders. Our easy-to-use online platform (www.banclist.com) lets users browse notices of intent to buy or sell shares of privately held stock that shareholders post on our site. Users who are not shareholders can also post their own notices of intent to buy or sell shares.


Privately held institutions don’t need to go public to communicate efficiently with their shareholders and prospective shareholders. BancList gives banks and their shareholders a formal shareholder communication platform. BancList’s online platform is the practical solution for privately held banks that want to avoid potentially serious liability, including the violation of Fair Disclosure rules. Banks that use BancList’s shareholder communications platform no longer need to maintain a private list of a few shareholders to conduct transactions. BancList lets banks give their shareholders access to a platform that takes the bank out of the sensitive pricing negotiation process while providing shareholders a platform for liquidity opportunities.


How We Got Started

The company was launched in December 2009 by David Bourne and Vince Caine. David was a successful businessman who wanted to invest in privately held community bank stocks. Vince Caine, an experienced investment management professional, developed the concept of an online communications platform. They developed the original shareholder posting platform after considerable research and development efforts that included extensive discussions with the SEC and other regulatory agencies.


Community Bank List became BancList in 2015 after a new ownership team stepped in with the goal of expanding the platform to allow every privately held financial institution in the U.S. to provide a transparent marketplace for its shareholders and prospective shareholders to communicate with each other.


BancList gives banks a formal shareholder communications process with the added benefits of helping them track all activity on their BancList site. Banks can make their site available to shareholders and non-shareholders or they can limit access to their site to shareholders of record and other authorized users. Learn more about the benefits of our service by clicking on the video on our homepage. You can also contact us at 1-877-257-0854, ext. 707, or by emailing us at support@banclist.com.


Leadership Team


Peter Scully

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Scully is a bank services executive who has been working with financial institutions throughout the U.S. for more than 20 years. He has served in executive roles with several bank services companies, including Private Business, Inc., a highly successful bank technology company based in Nashville, TN. Mr. Scully was a member of the original management team that helped take the company public (NASDAQ: PBIZ) in 1999. More than 2,200 banks used the company’s products. He also co-founded ViewIQ, Inc., an asset management software service for banks. Mr. Scully's corporate background includes positions with Price Waterhouse in their New York City management consulting practice and BMW of North America in their finance and administration division.


Mr. Scully is a graduate of Georgetown University. He and his family reside in Brentwood, TN.  Mr. Scully is a member of VentureNashville.com and VentureTennessee.com.


Patrick Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Brown has been working in the bank services sector for more than ten years. He led the IT reorganization of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Private Business (NASDAQ: PBIZ), a bank services company with more than 2,200 bank clients. He also served as the technology adviser to several financial services companies, including his role developing and implementing the CRM application for a FORTUNE 100 company. Mr. Brown is the co-founder of Eye Candy Creative, a highly successful technology and marketing company.


Mr. Brown is a graduate of Tennessee Technology University. He and his family reside in Franklin, TN.


Russ Schoper

Senior Vice President

Mr. Schoper brings more than 25 years of senior and executive leadership experience to BancList, where he is responsible for client development. He has an extensive background in the financial services industry, working with boards of directors, management and support personnel at community banks throughout the United States. Prior to his involvement with main street banking, Mr. Schoper held senior business development and management positions with American Express Company and MasterCard International, including several international posts.


Mr. Schoper is a graduate of the University of Alabama, in Huntsville, AL. He also holds a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) certification from the Institute of Management Consultants USA. He and his wife, Cecylia, currently reside in Johns Creek, GA.



Misty Cotten

Director, Marketing Services

Ms. Cotten is responsible for establishing and implementing BancList’s marketing and branding strategies. She has experience with the bank services space beginning with Bank Director magazine where she was responsible for planning and executing educational conferences that focused on pertinent topics, such as mergers & acquisitions, compensation and the responsibilities of bank board committees and C-level executives.


Ms. Cotten is graduate of the University of Tennessee and also holds a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University.