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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started? - New BancList Users

    Getting started is easy. The first step is to click on the “Create a BankList Account” button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Review the “Account Agreement” and click “I Accept” if you agree to the terms and conditions. Registration is free. You will be directed to a “Member Information” page that you must complete in order to create a banclist.com account.

  • New Site | New Login - This FAQ is for users who formerly had a user account with communitybanklist.com.

    This FAQ is for users who formerly had a user account with communitybanklist.com.  

    If you previously had an account with communitybanklist.com, it was transferred to banclist.com.  One small change was made...your username is now the email address from your previous account.  To log in for the first time:

    1. Click "Sign In" , then "Forgot Password".


    2. Enter the username that was associated with your communitybanklist.com as well as the security code, then "Submit".


    3. You will receive an email from banclist.com containing a link that will allow you to change your password.  That's it!  You will now be able to log into our site.  If you need further assistance, please contact us via our help page.

  • How do I post a listing on the site?

    Posting a notice of intent to buy or sell shares on the BancList platform is easy. After you login, click on the “Search Listings” tab in green bar at the top of the homepage. Click on the “Post a Notice” tab on the “Listing Search” page. You will be prompted on the “Select a Bank” page to select the state and the bank for the notice that you want to post. You will see on the “Listing Details” page five tabs that must be completed before your notice is posted.

  • What are My Messages?

    This is one of the newest features of our platform.  We changed the way potential buyers and sellers can communicate using our service.  If you are interested in a particular listing, navigate to it and simply type in a message in the “Send message to poster:” box and click send.  A message will be sent to the individual who created the listing.  Your information will not be visible to the lister unless you include it in your message.

    Once the individual has read your message, if they choose to respond, you will be able to read that response in your “My Messages” section.  You will also receive an email notification alerting you about the new message.  You will have the ability to communicate with the lister until you both are ready to share your information, negotiate a price, and set an appointment with the bank’s Transfer Agent to finalize the transaction.

  • What are Favorites?

    Favorites allow users to keep an eye on a particular financial institution.  To use this feature, visit a bank and simply add that bank to your favorites.  

    You have three options:

    1. What type of alert would you like?  Alerts on notices to buy, sell or both.

    2. How often notices should be sent:  Immediately, Daily or Weekly.

    3. How long you would like to receive the alert.  You could choose to receive alerts for just a week or you could select alerts to be sent indefinitely.  The choice is yours.

    Once you create a favorite, you will be able to easily access it from your Quick Links panel under “My Favorites”.

  • What are banclist.com Blogs?

    For Bank Admins Only:

    Blogs on our site are very similar to other blogs.  This is a feature that allows you to communicate with shareholders and potential shareholders.  A “blog post” can be informational text.  It can contain links to other places or images.  It is a vehicle that allows you to post information.  Blogs are typically used for creating links to your UBPR or Call Report…or perhaps FDIC financials page.  Another common use for a blog post is to announce a new branch opening.

    To add a new blog post, while logged in as a Bank Admin, please choose your "My Blogs" link on your Quick Links panel.  Add your blog post and save.  To view your blog post, navigate to your bank's page.  To see a full list of blog posts associated with your bank (including yours and others posted by other bank admins), visit "Bank Blogs" in your Bank Admin panel.


    Please note that blog posts are exposed to the public and will be monitored.

  • What are banclist.com Documents?

    For Bank Admins Only:

    The Documents section allows you to upload and attachment for users to view.  If you have a brochure, a call report or any other document that you would like site users to be able to see, add it here.

    To add a new document, while logged in as a Bank Admin, please choose your "My Documents" link on your Quick Links panel.  Add your document and save.  To view your document, navigate to your bank's page.  To see a full list of documents associated with your bank (including your documents and others posted by other bank admins), visit "Bank Documents" in your Bank Admin panel.


    Please note that documents are exposed to the public and will be monitored.

  • What user type should I select?

    Not sure if you should select as your user type “Visitors,” “Registered Users,” or “Subscribers”? Use this quick guide to help you make selection:

    Visitors – For users who simply want to browse listings or look around the site. NO registration is required for this selection, but you will not be able to post a notice on the site.  

    Registered Users – For users who want to browse the site, review listings and post a notice(s) on the site. You must register on the site and answer all member information requests accurately and completely. There is no charge to post a notice or notices for stock whose bank is a BancList client. If the stock for which you want to post a notice of intent to buy or sell is not a BancList client, you will be required to pay a fee for each post you make. The posting fees are $7.00 for a 7-day notice or $30.00 for a 90-day post. You will be asked to provide a credit card before your notice is posted.  

    Subscribers – For users who want to post multiple notices of intent to buy or sell shares in one or more banks, this may be your best option. BancList offers you the ability to post unlimited notices under this option for an annual fee of $495. Notices posted under the “Subscribers” option must be for shares that you personally own or are interested in buying for your own portfolio. Trustees may be required to submit confirmation to BancList and or to the bank if they are acting on behalf of an estate. BancList reserves the right to cancel the users account if the notices posted are for a third party.

  • Can I post a notice using my smart phone?

    Yes. You can post notices on BancList using your smart phone. You can also receive alerts on your smart phone.

  • What is the difference between a posting site and an exchange?

    BancList is a posting site, which means the notices of intent to buy or sell shares are for informational purposes only. No contract is established between a potential buyer and seller until the two parties contact the bank and formally agree on terms. BancList still adheres to basic SEC and FINRA guidelines regarding stock postings. The terms and conditions for using the site are listed in the Account Agreement (click Register Now tab to view).

  • How does my bank become a BancList member?

    Any bank located in the U.S. can become a BancList member. They can contact BancList by calling 1-877-257-0854, ext. 707, or emailing us at support@banclist.com. A BancList representative will be happy to explain the benefits of the service and the activation process.

  • Can a public bank join BancList?

    Yes. Remember, BancList is not an exchange. We are a posting service that allows users to communicate with each other online about their interest in buying or selling shares.